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Let’s chat about budgeting.

Budgeting is a way to get healthier with money.  It puts you on the path to financial freedom – something amazing! Financial freedom gives you the ability to weather a storm, say FU to a job you hate, travel to new places, give to others, do something because you want to and not because you have to.

But budgeting feels like a diet.

Nobody wants to go on a money diet.  Setting limits, following rules, asking a spreadsheet for permission every time you want to buy a latte.  Counting every penny spent on lattes is no way to live.  

Diets don’t work because obsessively tracking your calories means you’re always thinking about food.  Budgets don’t work because you’re always thinking about money. Budgeting feels like a chore. Something you dread. Something you side-step and cheat.  

Yet, budgeting is a wonderful tool.  It tells a story about your relationship with stuff.  How you interact with your community.  What you value.  What you enjoy.  Who you love.  

Budgeting is magical.  It’s just hidden beneath a mess of numbers, banks, neglect, and modern day confusion.

Budgeting deserves to be rescued from the waste bin, dusted off, and renovated.

FI-cast does just this.  It’s a rethinking, a simplifying, a redo of budgeting.  A delightful reimagining of your ticket to financial freedom.

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